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I started my retail career as one of seven members in Nike’s Western Europe Marketing departments Brand Design Team.
This is Nike’s in-house creative department that creates work across all media for retail, campaigns, environments, events, brand experience, visual identity, retail stores, windows, in-store communication, display, signage, fixtures, shop in shop, pop up stores, exhibition design, booth design and implement marketing initiatives.

One of the benefits of working for iconic brands, is that you’re surrounded by very talented designers and architects, with a large variety of cultural and creative backgrounds, which helps you improve your own intuition and be more proactive.
Having this experience also prevents communication mishaps and saves precious time.

After I decided to expand my horizon and enjoy a wider variety in my work as a freelancer, I have assisted many individual designers and design agencies, as well as a number of global companies like Starbucks, Tommy Hilfiger, UnderArmour and Philips.