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Your time is precious and I appreciate that.
My goal is to quickly and efficiently create exceptional 3D imagery, with a strong commitment to my client’s needs, budget and on-time execution.


Using the clients input, l try to tell a visual story that is both accurate and persuasive.
If the client is able to provide already existing 3D models this might reduce a projects duration, but mostly I’m briefed with either quick sketches and/or 2D CAD files, together with either a mood-board, or a verbal description of the desired look and feel.
Real-life, or digital material samples, are always helpful !!!


Together with the client I check the design from all angles and test new scenarios in real-time.
This can be done either in-house, or on location.
In the process of creating objects in 3D space, you often run into new possibilities, that can help a client further develop and elevate his or her design.
Digital prototyping allows us to make creative decisions in context, with interactive result right in the viewport.
Potential problems can already be spotted at the preliminary design stage, rather than during the build-up. (or worst, on the day of the opening)


I’m lucky to have worked many years as a 2D/3D technical draftsman, providing design support to a wide variety of companies, before I even started my 3D visualization career.
This experience and my education in mechanical engineering, has helped me develop a sharp eye for small details and a handy set of technical problem solving skills.


Adding top-level visuals to a presentation, impresses shareholders and inspires confidence to invest

The images below show comparisons between the clients input and the final results.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, so that I can show you examples of my most recent project and answer any questions you might have.